Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We miss you Susan!

Before moving to come to Medical School, I worked full time and Tab went to an in home child care. Susan did such a great job. Tab just loved her. I always felt safe leaving him with her. So the other day we received a note in the mail from her. I was telling Jason about it and Tab must have overheard. So the next day we were in the car going somewhere as usual. And also as usual Tab told me where he thought that we should be going. Usually he decides he wants to go to a friend's house, Walmart, HyVee, Nursery, or the Candy Store (thanks grandpa). However that day he decided that he was going to Susan's house. I tried to inform him that we were actually going to Walmart... or wherever we were going. But he was very persistent that we go to Susan's house for a visit. I reminded him that Susan lived in Utah and that we were in Missouri. He just cried and cried that he wanted Susan. So, Susan there you go, I don't think Tab will ever forget you.

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Suzeeduzee said...

We miss you too! The other day I showed the kids the pictures on your blog. (Tab playing the guitar and doing the splits.) They loved them! Everyone misses Tab alot! They also liked seeing "the Baby" that had been in your tummy. :)