Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hot Chock-a-Nock

Over the winter Tab fell in love with Hot Chocolate. It's not a hard thing to do you know, unless your my weird husband that doesn't eat chocolate. Please don't throw tomatoes at him. I still love him despite his faults. Anway, I digress. I recently found some sugar free chocolate milk single serve mix-ins called Moo Magic that were on sale. (Click the Moo Magic). So I thought we would give them a try. Tab really enjoyed them as you can tell by the chocolate milk mustache. Tab calls this treat his Hot Chock-a-Nock. 1. We don't serve it warm, he just is confused by having had hot chocolate all winter. 2. He can say Chocolate Milk 3. He used to not be able to say Chocolate Milk and therefore called in Chock-a-Nock. Jason was telling me (in front of Tab) how he missed how Tab used to call it Chock-a-Nock. 4. He has combined the prior points to call it Hot Chock-a-Nock.

1 comment:

S.J.C. OMSI said...

Tab is a Chock-a-nock-a-holic.

Digging the mustache though...