Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Night to Ourselves

Well.... sort of to ourselves. Last quarter was a pretty rough one. There were a lot of tests right on top of each other for what seemed like the entire quarter. Jason had been getting home kind of late from studying so I decided to surprise him. I fed the boys earlier and put them to bed and had dinner on the table for just he and I to enjoy by ourselves. Dinner wasn't anything super special, just broccoli calzones, but it was nice to spend it together without having to feed the boys at the same time. We then had baked apples for dessert! Yummy yum.


Alissa said...

keepin' the love alive!

Tara said...

That sounds delicious to me! What a wonderful idea!

Janice said...

You're such a good wife. I'm glad you get so many opportunities to do fun things with your children and nice things with your hubby.