Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Down for the Count!

One day last week Benton was having a particularly hard time with nap time. I'm not one to allow that, so I just let him work it out in his room. When I sneaked in later to get some laundry, this is how I found him. Poor kid finally gave up on the floor. At least he had his trusty giraffe for company.


Jason said...

Man... I love that kiddo.

Even when he is being a mischievous little devil I can't help but grin.

It must be his "innocence" or that I know what devious thoughts he is thinking half of the time.

Maybe it is just the way that he smiles when I walk in the door. (and runs towards me and tackles me)

I don't know. He makes me feel gratified in every way as a dad.

The Haas Family said...

I love it! The best is when they fall asleep while eating. Cute kid.