Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swiffer Butt

Paisley does not crawl. Although I have caught her rocking on her hands and knees a few times. As soon as she sees me watching her, she sits back on her booty and gives me a, "you didn't see anything" look. Anyway, as I was saying, she doesn't crawl, she scoots on her butt, which she has become quite good at and moves pretty quickly. But we figured if she was going to insist on scooting all over, instead of collecting dirt on her britches, she might as well do me a favor right? So we just sit her on top of a swiffer mop pad and let her do her thing. I may also be known to give the bottom of the pad a few squirts of clorox anywhere. I'm just saying, might as well teach her to multitask while she's young.


Natebate said...

That is hilarious, great idea though. You are continuing to get some good blackmail for your kids, she will hate this later. Give them all hugs from us forgotten folk out here in Utah

Grandma Crellin (Margie) said...

too cute! This Grandma has a big smile on her face! Yes Nate is right blackmail for later in life! Nate knowa all about BLACKMAIL!