Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ho my moley moley and other 2 year old ramblings

All 2 year olds seem to pick up on language quickly and as we know, we have to start watching ourselves because sometimes things that we say don't sound so cute coming out of the mouth of our kids. But sometimes they do... Tab has a slew of things that make me laugh when he says them. For example:

Ho My Moley Moley: Interpretation- Holy Moley. Apparently he heard Jason or I say this and now says it quite frequently. Usually in reference to his brother's poopy diapers when he is "helping" me change them.

Oh My Goodness: This one makes me smile every time. He draws out the "oh" and then makes his voice lower when he says "my" and then makes his voice much higher when he says goodness. Such attitude.

Oh Gracious: He recently heard me say, "Goodness Gracious". In an effort to add that phrase to his vocabulary he started saying "Oh Gracious" with great exasperation in his voice.

Hi Peanut: Used with a high voice when talking to his brother. Daddy calls him peanut, why shouldn't he?

Calm Down: This is the newest phrase that he has picked up from me and I'm not sure if I think it is cute yet or not. Whenever he starts throwing a tantrum about something or is otherwise crying I tell him to "Calm Down". So lately when I start scolding him and using my "Mean, I'm serious, you better stop before you get yourself a timeout voice", he turns and looks at me and tells me to "Calm Down". Like I said not so sure if that is a cute one or not.

Make a Rock: Before I explain this one, I have to say that his dad gets full credit. This is used with great excitement whenever "something" is dropped into the toilet. I'm sure you can figure that one out.

Hip Horray: I just love this one. He uses it when ever he gets excited. We tried to teach him that it is Hip Hip Horray, but he insists on saying Hip Horray.


Alissa said...

You'll be glad you wrote them down later. We still love remembering some of Abbie's pronunciation/sayings. My favorite was probably, "poo-me"... which meant pillow. We never corrected her, b/c it was just so darn cute.

Bekah said...

BTW- the oh my goodness saying the way you described it, sounds just like the way you say it

Jason (AKA... DH) said...

What can I say... I like to make rocks... The kid likes it too...

Kimberlie said...

Oh that is too funny. I can just picture Tab saying those phrases. Tell him we miss him tons and Tyler gives him hugs. :)