Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tab's First Prayer

Tab said his first full prayer all by himself last night. I thought I would share:

Fader Heaven. Thank you day. Thank you drums and daddy home, mommy, Benton, Tabby. Thank you help sleep. Name Jeez Christ, amen.


Jason (AKA... DH) said...

I am usually home even though I am locked in my office!

Mom Crellin said...

These moments are so precious.
Save them and in a few years they will touch your heart more than you can imagine.

Natebate said...

he is one cute little one. i wish i could be there to enjoy the turkey (thanks) hug him for me

Alissa said...

yep, cute is right. something to look forward to: your kids telling you stories from the book of mormon/bible. i'm amazed that they remember! we're doing something right!