Thursday, November 29, 2007

Benton in the Spotlight

Benton never has enough pictures posted. So although, Tab is also in a few of these, this post is for Benton.

Sacked Out

After his shots... This picture doesn't properly demonstrate what a crank he was for the entire day following the shots
Benton Playing with his toys... once again being dominated by big brother.
All of the cousins that were there taking a bath together at gradma's house. Ok so this one isn't just of Benton... but at least he's in the picture. I just had to share. Are they so cute? And you should have seen how disgusting the bath water was after. NASTY
Benton with Great Grandma Solter
This time Dad is sacked out.


Jorge said...

What a chunk... what a hunk... lol...

Kimberlie said...

Oh he is so cute. And so big. I love his bib. How can people not love that face :)

Bekah said...

cute kid. I wish you were still here and our babies could play together, at least when they actually start really playing.