Sunday, July 26, 2009

Festival in St. Joseph

We recently spent a day with some of our good friends/family in St. Joseph. There was a festival going on and we went to enjoy the day. They have these animal statutes and boats all along the downtown area.There was a kid's area with little carnival games.They had a bunch of animals that they got out and showed for the kids. Tab and Benton both enjoyed petting the alligator.
Tab and Benton both thought that this cannon was pretty cool. Tab thought is had to be for pirates.There was a set of train tracks and Tab couldn't wait until we got down to them. He was so excited about being able to go see the crossing gate.Paisley just wanted you to know that she was there too.
And as the festival was right next to the beach, the boys just had to play in the sand.We let Tab pick one ride. He picked the Farris Wheel.Daddy and Benny on the Farris Wheel.Mommy and Tab$12 well spent.


Sarah said...

Too cool that you live next to so many beach towns. Those statues are pretty sweet.

jason said...

not only was it fun but it was educational.

We learned that we are not white but "mixed".

"Juventud divino tesoro, ya te vas para no volver...." Youthful innocence is so beautiful.

Kimberlie said...

Wow, you live in a beautiful town. I am so glad you are able to get out and have so much fun.

Scoopicus said...

We were so glad you came!!! We had a blast!