Friday, May 21, 2010

Family in Town

We were lucky enough recently to have Jason's grandparents come out to visit us. We had a short but nice visit. On Saturday, we trekked to Grand Haven as it was supposed to have some nice shops and a nice beach (not that we were planning on swimming, though some were...crazy I tell you...anyway, back on subject). It was a bit chilly and quite windy. Benton during our walk around the shopping area decided he was done wearing his hood. So he tipped it back, hat and all. I thought it was pretty cute.We walked out on the pier to see the light house. (I have fallen in love with the light houses here). If we had more time I would want to travel to all of the different light houses in MI.) It was beautiful.And I have to share this picture. I know that it is completely blurry, not a single aspect is in focus. I don't know what it is about it, but I LOVE this picture. Jason said it is because my glasses are always smudged and so I'm used to things looking blurry-perhaps he's right.Family photo op. In case you are wondering, Tab does not usually ride in the stroller but Benton was on Jason's shoulders, and I was holding Pais to block to crazy wind. There were no railings and I didn't trust Tab not to goof off and fall in. (Have I ever shared the gut feeling I have that something awful is going to happen to this kid. I haven't... oh yeah, that is because it is creepy and I don't like my blog to be creepy).Standing on the Pier.

Jason and Benny Boogs.Jason was getting a picture of Paisley clapping. She loved getting her picture taken.

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