Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks for Rocking my World Hubby!

Truly, my husband rocks my world. Sometimes I seriously feel bad that I got so much goodness in just one man. Don't get me wrong, he has his faults. But really, I couldn't be happier with anyone else.

1. He expects to help me put the kids to bed, even when he is busy studying. If he hears us start the bedtime routine he comes right upstairs. He helps bath, dress, sing, snuggle, you name it.

2. He puts the kids to bed for me occasionally if I need to get out.

3. He helps to clean the house. (He almost exclusively cleans the bathtub because I hate it.)

4. When he is home while I'm making dinner he takes the kids downstairs so that I can have peace and quiet and thoroughly enjoy the process.

5. He doesn't really complain when he has to dig his g's out of the dryer for a week. He's just grateful that they are clean

6. He tells me I'm hot when he comes home at six and I have clearly not made it into the shower yet.

7. He gives me the support that I need to make up for the confidence that I so frequently lack in myself.

8. He makes it very clear that although he has a lot of studying that he could be/should be/needs to be doing, that our family absolutely comes first.

9. He's freaking hot. Seriously. mmmm.....

10. He brings me home flowers about once every month or two. (They may be the cheap grocery store flowers but I love them.) I love that he thinks, hmm, I'm going to stop at the store on the way home from work and pick up some flowers.
11. He supports my habits. I have major crafting addictions and he is very supportive. He rarely gives me crap about a new project I want to do. He often helps me develop ideas that I may be working on. The only thing he gives me crap about is the Cricut Expressions that I NEED ok, fine, want desperately. And mostly that crap is in jest.
As a matter of fact a week or so ago he brought these come from the hospital. They are about 4" tall pieces of PVC pipe. He informed me that they were from the empty rolls of prescription paper that they use. He saw them and thought that I might have a vision of something crafty that I could do with them. I love this about him. He is ALWAYS thinking about me, even if it means that he is bringing home pieces of pvc piping.


Sarah said...

We got some good ones cuz Matt does all that too. Except for the pvc piping, because I'm not crafty and would have no use for it.
p.s. Your moving over to our side of the state, right?

Ruth Solter said...


Ian and Tamra said...

Jenny you and your hubby are so cute. I miss you guys. Talk about a thoughtful man.

Nashelle said...

I love that you posted about g's in the dryer...Christopher has to deal with the same thing too often. What our men go through for us! :)