Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Trip: Part II Philadelphia

The whole reason we went East for vacation was Jason's Board Exam that was held in Philadelphia. So we left my parents house, sniff sniff, and headed to Philly. We only spent one night there but the kids loved it. The boys LOVE staying in hotels. I don't know if it is the TV or the new beds or what, but they love it. I guess it didn't hurt that there was a pool where we spent most of our evening.

Miss P's hung out with Daddy on the stairs most of the time.The boys tried to rough daddy up.
And Tab enjoyed showing us his new swimming skills. He was jumping backwards off of the ladder and then rolling over to swim. He is getting much better. Unfortunately he thinks he is much better than he is, so we are going to have to keep a super close eye on him this summer.

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