Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Trip: Part III Massachusetts

Following our short stay in Philly we headed up to Massachusetts to Jason's parent's house.
We mostly spent a lot of time chilling. When it finally decided to act like summer, we took the kids outside to play. Benton loved this huge ball.Paisley once again LOVED the grass.Tab loved throwing balls at his dad.And generally having his undivided attention.Benton had a blast banging on this drum.Tab begs grandma to play with the gun guys every time we visit. These were daddy's G.I. Joes when he was a kid. Pais had plenty to play with too.Speaking of Pais. This is how we found her one morning. For those of you who know Paisley at all, she HATES her stomach, so this was pretty interesting.
I just had to include this because it was a pretty good picture of her two top teeth, which are pretty new.
Benton got his grubby paws on grandpa's ipod after his run and was quite enjoys the tunes.
Pais thought grandma's wet hair was pretty funny. Grandma has this vibrating thingy for your back and Benton discovered it. I think he would have laid there forever with that thing on his back.I think that we had the most fun going to the aquarium. I've never been to an aquarium like this one in Mystic before. First thing we did was "pet" the stingrays.I thought for sure that Benton would be terrified be he reached right in. I think that I was more hesitant than he was. They had a bird house that you could go inside and feed the birds. It was AWESOME!Tab loved it to.Benton was a little bit more timid.These birds were so colorful and gorgeous.He got to handle some sea starts and crabs.Then we got to "pet" some sharks.
Jason and I met up with an old friend of Jason and went rock climbing.Probably the most fun we had was at the Red Sox game. Jason's dad managed to scrounge up some tickets for us.
Of course we had to get our Fenway Franks before the game.Ok, so they were italian sausages.We had an awesome time.It is crazy how close we were. We were about 5 rows back off of the third base line.I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
The stadium was amazing. I think that I spent about as much time looking around the stadium as I did watching the game.


Nashelle said...

What an awesome vacation! I didn't realize you were both from the east coast...such a beautiful area!

Sarah said...

You guys got to do so much fun stuff. The bird house looks really cool and I bet the game was pretty awesome.