Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The many faces of Paisley

Oh, you know, just your typical day crawling through the tunnel without her shirt on. You know.
Sleeping with mom. A rare occurrence.Paisley had a mad obsession with books. She would rather have someone sit and read to her than do most anything else. She decided to share her passion with a little boy I was babysitting. She was "reading" him Brown Bear, Brown Bear which is her favorite and she has memorized. She loves her graham crackers and frosting, but really, who doesn't?And she decided to strip her self for one reason or another and read. Apparently those two things go together well?These are my personal favorites. We call this one the gangsta look.
Apparently one of her brothers put their jacket on her and she decided she needed a hat to top off her look. I personally think the facial expression makes the outfit.Here she is trying to play little miss innocent gangsta.

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