Thursday, June 23, 2011


At long last...both graduation and the post!

For the first night of our stay in Kirksville we had the joy of having our best friends, the Guymon's staying in the neighboring room. Which meant we probably made a LOT of noise and had a LOT of fun hanging out. Paisley and Keturah have became great friends. (Sarah, Paisley still is asking where her ka-sarah is. As a matter of fact she is sitting on my lap right now looking at the picture and crying about it.) They had a lot of fun knocking on the door.And there were plenty of shared hugs.One afternoon we met a bunch of friends at the park for old times sake. It was like they and we had never been apart.These three had fun loading up the little shelf with mulch and clearing it off again. Ahhh, the simple things.
At the SAA Sr. Banquet we reunited again. There were various awards, and I was lucky enough to have people think that I had done something to deserve on of them. In case you were wondering, it was an award for Service. A picture of the "Board" my second year, minus a few ladies who were from different years or pregnant with triplets and thought that a good reason not to travel. Sigh....Jason grabbed this picture as the guys all had the cameras on us ladies. This is for you Mel! I love how Brad fits perfectly under Matt's arm. Although the situation could have almost as easily been reversed had Jason been the one standing there... Outside of the Banquet with Lori Haxton, the SAA advisor. She totally rocks.And with Janae', one of the most amazing ladies EVER. And yes, I apparently need to work on not looking so dumb in photos. But for the record, I'm not the only one with issues. Let's just say that it is a miracle Janae's eyes are Love you Janae'.Here I am with a bunch of the ladies at the Sr. Awards Banquet for the students.With Jason's parents.Just us.Besties again. The male version.For the record, after graduation, we went to lunch and after lunch I lost it and balled like a freaking baby in the car the entire way back to the hotel as I know I won't see them again for quite some time as we were moving. We will miss spending the 4th of July and Thanksgiving with you guys and every other time we could come up with an excuse to visit! Filing in for graduation.Receiving his diploma.Being "hooded".MY doctor man.
And again.A bunch of the guys.A bunch of the ladies that made med school ROCK! After the fact, in the Hotel, Tab found Jason's cap and was trying it on for size.I love the look we caught before he realized we were watching him. He looks pretty happy with himself. Time to start saving for college I guess.Then Benny wanted to join in.Silly kid.

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Sarah said...

You forced me to eat chocolate because the emotions are too much. I think I'm going to be eating a lot of it for the next few years because of your absence.
We had soooo much fun that weekend. Thanks for making medical school some of the best memories ever. The 4th is not going to be nearly as enjoyable without you guys. Just don't replace us with cool PA people.
Matt has a rough year ahead, but we'll plan a trip as soon as we can. Love ya.