Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Michigan Lighthouses

Before we could leave Michigan we had to get in just a few more lighthouses. Weird obsession? Perhaps, but we enjoy them. Note the crazy fog and bundled children. This is the one thing that I won't miss about Michigan. These pictures were taken at the very end of April and it was freaking cold.

Lighthouse #1 (Jason will have to come back and name these because I can't remember which is which)We walked out to admire it. The kids were less than happy about how windy it was there. And would someone please tell that child he will be warmer if he just zips his coat, heaven knows I've told him. Lighthouse #2:Isn't she beautiful?I think this was my favorite of the day. But it is a tough decision.Lighthouse #3: I believe this one is St. Joseph, MIThe boys were enjoying themselves.And Paisley enjoyed watching.Gorgeous!And both in one shot.This is probably the best laugh of the day. Daddy when around down to the end to get the previous picture while I headed back with the kids. We decided to tease daddy about leaving him there because he was taking so long so we started to run when we saw him come around the lighthouse.Opps, Tab tripped.So being a good mom, I stop to help him up and brush him off. Do you see the funny part coming?There it is, Benny ran square into my backside and fell over. I personally like the look on both of our faces. Mine, what the heck Benton, did you seriously just run into me. And Benton, what the heck mom, why did you just get in my way and totally knock me off my feet? I can't believe you just did that to me.
And of course, Daddy to the rescue. Don't laugh dear.


Jason said...

#1 Holland Pier
#2 Grand Haven
#3 St. Joseph

We are going to miss W. Michigan. It was great to us.

Kourtni said...

LOL! I love that. We miss you guys but are glad that you are all settled in Pennsylvania. I'm happy that we can keep in touch :)