Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First Sewing Project

On a recent trip to my parents house I was working feverishly at my mother's serger so that I could make some princess dresses for Paisley for her Birthday. Tab kept asking if he could sew something. Finally I gave in and said yes. He decided that he wanted to sew a blanket out of "soft fabric". So grandma gave him some fleece from her stash and we took it home with us. After a few days of non-stop pestering we started to make his blanket.

First we cut out a million and one squares. I tried to convince him that we could just cut out two big squares and sew them together. But that wasn't good enough. He wanted it to be like a quilt. So we set to it. Then we began sewing all of the squares together.He got it down pretty quickly. Backstitch... sew....backstitch...The only problem was that he insisted that my machine stay set at the slowest setting. It made me kind of nuts. It was WICKED slow.But eventually, we finished.
And a closeup.
Benton couldn't be left out. He needed to show off his "blankie". We did not however make his. His was made by Jason's Cousin's wife, Harmony for Tab. Benton just adopted it as his own.


Sarah said...

You are so nice. I would not have the patience for that.

Mom Crellin said...

That was cool! I love the yellow walls!