Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Paisley

We celebrated Paisley's birthday in July...only about a month late and I am posting this only about a month later...sigh. We have good reasons. We've been busy ok.

In the move we lost the battery charger for our camera and so all of these pictures are from Jason's Iphone, thus the crappy quality. It is really hard to get the kids to hold still enough to get a good picture and it is hard to get Jason to hold his hand steady enough for the same forgive the quality.

First came the cake. Paisley has been obsessed with M&M's lately so when I saw this cake somewhere on the internet, I knew that I had to make it. Lucky for me it was the easiest birthday cake I've ever made for one of the kids! Then came presents. Teasing her a little bit.
I made her a bunch of different princess dresses. I love this picture even if it is blurry. She loved them so much she was snuggling it!And I made her this little boa.There were bracelets.
She was all decked out. The dresses are a little too big, just perfect for growing into.The only disappointment expressed by her and her brothers (who were rapidly changing her into the various dresses) was that there wasn't a crown. Bad mommy, didn't I know that every princess deserves a crown. Sigh...

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