Sunday, September 21, 2008

A little Father and Son time

Lat week Jason decided that he and Tab needed a little Father/Son time. So after church, I put Benton down for a nap and Jason and Tab headed out for a "nature walk". Tab was thrilled. Here they are, all excited to head out.
Tab knows that when you go on a "hike", you need a walking stick. So he found himself one in short order.
They went out behind the Thompson Campus Center (aka the Gym) where they have a little trail that swings by a glorified pond.
Tab had a blast splashing in the water.
Apparently Tab was a pretty good trooper walking most of the way by himself.
But Jason did have to carry him for the last bit as he was pooped. See how pooped he was. They were less than 5 minutes from home and he crashed before getting home.
He just needed a little rest after their grand adventure.
Tab still talks about his little trip with daddy when we go to the gym and he sees the trail. He is sure to mention that that is the trail with the water that daddy took him to.


jason said...

what about the deer? the caterpillars? the ravenous pack of wolves that we fended off with our mighty staffs?

Jenny said...

It is amazing that I love you sometimes, you weirdo.

Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun