Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hangover Classic 5K

On January 1st, Jason, Jason's Dad and I ran the Wrentham Hangover Classic 5K. It was a lot of fun and miserable all at the same time. It was a freezing 11 degrees out. The first half of the race wasn't so bad. It was cold but not bad. Then we took a turn and came around an open field. Open field and wind equals drifting snow. This road had about 3" of snow leftover from the previous day's dump. So not only did we have snow blowing on us but each step forward was about 3/4 of a step back. It was very frustrating and honestly, downright pissed me off. But what can you do. It was more about the experience than doing good in the race anyway.

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Erin said...

You what?!? I guess maybe that kind of energy comes back during the second trimester. I sure hope it does for me!