Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Late Birthday Hubby!

I'm a few days late in blogging this as usual. The 26th was Jason (and my mom's) birthday. I think the day was pretty much the usual for Jason, he woke up at 5 to study and went to school. He got to celebrate by taking a surgery test in the morning. Sorry hun.

My family never really made a huge deal out of birthdays, so I'm not a make it a big deal type of person either. For us it was all about getting to pick what we had for dinner. Now I HATE, loathe, despise, am disgusted by (well, you get the picture) fish. The smell of it literally makes me gag. So once a year, for Jason's birthday I harness my gag reflex and make fish. This year I made a Pam Seared Salmon with a Sweet and Spicy Asian Glaze. (recipe to come on my food blog). Here is the birthday boy with his meal.And because he thought that I was completely hilarious, he had to take a picture of me with my dinner. (I look retarded because I wasn't expecting to have my picture taken and my glasses were falling down.)And this is the desert that I made for him. It is called peach surpise. It was one of his favorite deserts that his mom made him. We both love it. This was a hard task to pull off this time of year. First of all, it was dang near impossible to find peaches and then the ones that I did find weren't all that great. But what else would you expect in January. It still turned out great. Hope you had a good one hubby!


Sarah said...

You only look a little retarded, don't worry, we still love you.

Looks like a good food day for Jason. I hope Surgery treated him well also.

Jason said...

Thanks for the fish wiff.

Nice sandwich.

Erin said...

Peach anything sounds so good right now! I need summer time!!

The Oscarsons said...

Your beautiful, really! Happy birthday J.