Monday, March 05, 2012

Leading Up To Christmas!

Hey it's March and we are finally talking about Christmas. It seems that there are always so many events leading up to Christmas, so I decided to put all of those is a separate post from Christmas itself.

First off, we had Jason's work Christmas party. They had a Santa come in for all of the kids. This was the most impressively dressed Santa I have ever seen in my life. Tab must have noticed this too because he insisted that this was really the REAL Santa.
Benton was a lot happier about it than he appears in the picture.
Paisley was much more understanding this time around about Santa not handing her Strawberry Shortcake and Zoobles the second she sat down. Perhaps that is because he did in fact give presents to all of the kids.Hobbes even got to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Santa was a bit nervous about holding him because he was so tiny. (He was the only nervous one, at the end of the night I had to track Hobbes down. Some random single guy, one of the residents was holding him and swooning over him.)Jason and all of the residents in the intern class.Next up and pre-Christmas festivities, was Benton's preschool performance. They acted out "The Night Before Christmas". They also sang several Carols.They especially loved singing Jingle Bells and they got to shake bells while they sang. Benton shook his right by his ear the entire time. Silly boy.At our ward Christmas party the Primary acted out the Nativity while singing the "Nativity Song". Benton and Tab were shepherds.
Last, but not least, a few days before Christmas the local volunteer fire company brought Santa through the streets of our town. He drove right by our house as he wound through the neighborhoods. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the town we live in? The firemen walked along beside the fire truck handing out candy canes to all of the kids.

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