Friday, March 23, 2012

A Little Science for the Little Ones.

 Tab has been very interested in how things work lately.  We are constantly running to Google, so learn how something is made or how something works.  So I figured he would be interested in some experiments too.  Boy was I right. Thanks mom and dad for buying that awesome book full of science experiments for the kids.  It rocks my world and theirs! (BTW, no I didn't have another kid when you weren't paying attention.  I was babysitting for a friend.

We were doing the old suck the hard boiled egg into the bottle trick.  They were very amazed to see the egg slowly inching its way into the bottle.
 However, dad got involved and got impatient so he stuck the bottom of the bottle into a bowl of ice water.  The egg moved quite quickly at this point and broke the egg because it sucked it too fast.  The kids were still amazed that a big solid chunk of egg made in through and had to be cut up to get it out.

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