Friday, March 02, 2012

Yummy Dinner!

I'm a bit crazy, so try to follow along. I LOVE to cook. I absolutely love trying different types of foods and all sorts of crazy flavors and such. I especially love trying new ingredients that I have never used or even heard of. I really enjoy learning new techniques. This is good because I am not one of those sorts of people who could handle a spaghetti Monday, Pizza Friday or what have you. I get bored WAY too easily. So I usually try a new recipe for dinner about 60% of the time. Trying new stuff for dinner is kind what keeps me going sometimes.

Now, that being said. I hate making dinner. Sigh... (I told you I'm a bit crazy). By the time dinner prep time hits, I'm exhausted. I'm usually trying to get my oldest to finish his homework or get Paisley to stop hanging on my leg whining for who knows what reason, or trying to get Benton to stop begging me for snacks while I'm trying to make dinner. For this reason, I regularly groan about making dinner. It always pays off when I hit the jackpot with something new and yummy, especially when Jason happens to be home for dinner and clearly likes it too. Better yet is when I don't have to ask the kids to eat their dinner even one time because they are horking it down of their own accord. This just happened to be one of those evenings.I should have known. If I throw just about anything into a tortilla, this one is bound to scarf it down.And this one... well, all she needs is a good sized dollop of sour cream and guac and she'll eat it.

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burton family said... you have to give us the recipe!