Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween at Last

I finally was able to get our Halloween pictures loaded. (No, I don't have my computer back...sigh) I'm sorry they are so late, but I hope that you will forgive me.

The Student Advocate Association (the spouses group that I'm a member of) had a trunk or treat. So we took the boys to that. After Benton got a few pieces of candy he mostly wanted to run around in the truck. He most certainly did not want to pose for a picture.

I tried to get a picture of Tab while he was going from car to car but he was just too focused on the next person who was going to give him candy.

I finally got him to give me a good cheeser after he was done.

After the Trunk or Treat we went straight to our little town square where a bunch of the local businesses/Dr.'s offices were handing out candy and glow sticks and such. The Home Depot guy was there and Tab said he wanted to take his picture with him. But I couldn't get him to stand any closer to the guy. After I took the picture he asked something to the effect of, "what is wrong with that guy". I wasn't sure how to respond as I couldn't get him to tell me what he was referring to.

After we got home from that and before we did the real Trick or Treating, I tried to get a few good pictures of the boys in their costumes. This was the best we could do. They were NOT interested in posing together. Tab was Sir Topham Hatt from the Thomas and Friends train videos and toys. I made his yellow vest and black corduroy jacket.

Benton was a turtle. I made this turtle costume for Tab when he was about 5 months old. It was plenty big on him, so Benton got to wear it this year! Yay for reusing a costume! I'm just proud of this one because it was the first thing I really ever sewed for Tab and I made it from a patern for a ladybug with just minor alterations.

Finally, I made them their Trick or Treat bags this year too. Tab's had a train and Benton's a turtle, for obvious reasons. I made Tab's in hopes that he would start using this bag to haul his trains around the house instead of his cowboy hat that he has massacred by doing so.


Megan said...

So cute, don't know how I missed you at the trunk or treat, I don't remember seeing your kids? And those bags turned out way cute.

Alissa said...

so so cute. both of them.

and the bags. CUTE!

The Oscarsons said...

You are such an awesome mom!!!!!! I wouldnt even know how to start making a costume. They are so cute!!!!!! WOW!

Kimberlie said...

The boys are so cute. I remember Tab in the turtle costume and it looks great on Benton. You did awesome on Tab's costume. when I showed Tyler Tab's picture, he went "Choo Choo." That is what he says whenever he sees Thomas the train.

Amy said...

how fun, they look like they loved it!! And those trick or treat bags are great!!

Julie and Zane Family! said...

What great costumes and trick or treat bags. You are such an amazing seamstress! It looks like Tab might have been reconsidering having his picture taken with the Home Depot man. ;-)

Daddy said...

Thanks for the candy boys!