Sunday, November 16, 2008


StillAbration is probably one of my favorite activities that the school puts together for students and faculty and their families. It is an all free event. The afternoon started by us taking the boys to a bunch of kids games that they had set up. It was a cowboy/western sort of theme and it was so fun for the boys. Tab was really excited to get to wear his cowboy costume from last Halloween again.They also had horse rides for the kiddos. Tab absolutely loved it.Benton thought it was pretty neat too.That is until it started moving. Although for some reason the horse didn't like us so much and was being a little rowdy.Then we ran into the Jackson or Jacks as Tab like to call him. These boys are the best of friends. I just had to snap this picture. They kill me.Aren't they cute? Poor boys, someone should teach their mom's to buy them hats that fit.And of course they had to go on a ride together.Then Tab got to rope some "cattle".The school had a big fire pit going for marshmallow roasting and so the boys got some yummy smores.After this we had dinner, but we were so preoccupied with stuffing ourselves that I forgot to take a picture. Following dinner they had a talent show. Benton was really enjoying watching people sing and such. Tab on the other hand was a little preoccupied telling people to stick 'em up.After the talent show they had a dance. Benton really enjoyed it for a little while.This is his favorite part. He loves to be upside down.Every time I would bring him back up he would kick off of me and throw himself backwards again.Benton and I sure had a good time hanging out.
Jason and Tab got some good moves in too.
Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed dancing together.Believe it or not Benton fell asleep in my arms while we were dancing. He was pooped.Luckily we had a good friend who wasn't dancing and she held Benton for us for a little while so we could enjoy a little more dancing before we headed home at the late late time of 9:00.

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Janice said...

What a fun family outing! I'm sure your little men will remember that for a long time to come!