Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going Bonkers

Over spring break we headed to Columbia to get a few necessities not available here in the 'ville. You know, fabric and cute girly clothes. We took the boys to one of our favorite places in Columbia, Going Bonkers. They just love it to death. Here they are entering the play place.Benton has become such a big boy and roams with Tab.Tab knows the maze like the back of his hand and it is impossible for us to keep up with him.Benton was a little tired from the day and was happy to roam with me or Jason as Tab was too impatient to wait for him.Tab calls this place "The Big Bonkers Slides". He talked about it all day and went down the big slides repeatedly in many many awkward different ways.
And finally the boys bouncing on the trampoline netted bed thing.I think this was probably our last visit to Bonkers. We sure will miss it.


Melissa said...

We loved Bonkers too... or maybe I just loved the concept of it. Adalin would freak out when she got really high up. She needed a brother like Tab to give her a nudge.

Jason said...

the only thing that would make that place more perfect is if the ceilings were another 6 inches higher...

anyway, it is perfect family playtime.