Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tragedy in our household

The Culprit: I was making some scones recently that called for heavy cream. I reached into my fridge and grabbed my carton and poured into my measuring cup. It was lumpy and disgusting and had gone bad. I mean, I know that I have been trying to cook a little bit healthier lately but come on really. I have never had cream go bad. I always use it up before it is anywhere near that point. I was seriously appalled with myself.


Alissa said...

that's why i only buy pints at a time.

Wife of dastew said...

Mmmm, cream. I have some half and half in the fridge that I bought for something that didn't get made and I keep forgetting to use it on my cereal in the morning. Stupid milk, keeping me from the good stuff.