Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picnic in the Park

On our last Saturday of spring break we decided to hit up the park. As we were getting ready to leave Tab asked if we could have a picnic. Well, um...we had already eaten lunch, so I told him that we could bring a snack picnic, thinking I'd throw some crackers in my purse and forget about it. When I walked into the kitchen a few minutes later Tab was digging through the fridge. I yelled at him to get out and he said he was just looking for food for our picnic. I decided I wasn't going to get off as easy as I thought, so I chopped up some strawberries, sliced some cheese, tossed in some crackers and water bottles and grabbed a blanket. Thanks Tab for not letting me cop out. We had such a fun and yummy snack picnic. And we sure enjoyed the park too.We got out the soccer goals for the first time and they were just your size. You were so proud of your goal.Benton even made a few goals.
Benton really enjoyed chasing Jason around with the ball....that is until he didn't anymore. Sometimes Jason just doesn't know when to stop teasing, but then most of you already knew that.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!
Nice hair cuts.