Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good Old Winter Picnic

One of my best friends recently had a new baby. I had the privilege of watching her two other kids while she had the baby. It really was nice for me because they occupied eachother! One day around lunch time I was sewing at the table and didn't feel like having to put all of my stuff away and so we decided to have a winter picnic on the living room floor. It was funny because I gave the kids the option of Macaroni and Cheese or sandwiches. They chose sandwiches so I made peanut butter and peach jam. After a few bites, Alex told me that his honey tasted funny. I had to inform him that it wasn't honey. Poor kid got jipped. They sure had fun with their "picnic".

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Sarah said...

Haha...Alex had to eat peach jam. That is funny.
Jenny you are so creative and such a fun mom. Thank you soooo much for the 5,000 things you've done for me lately.