Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Kid

This is a little old...from about a week ago, but I had to share.

Tab spent one night puking last week. At first we had him sleep on a bed we made for him on our floor, but he got tired of getting up to go into the bathroom to puke every hour, so he just laid down on the bathroom floor. I got him a pillow and blanket and he slept most of the night there. Oh, did I mention I did too. He didn't want me to leave and I would have felt bad leaving so we snuggled together on the bathroom floor. After about 3 pairs of pj's, he decided he just wanted to be naked. Fine by me. Here's the poor kid trying to sleep.


julie_77 said...

Poor kid is right. I take it he is feeling better now? I hope so.

Erin said...

Poor kid and poor you. I can't imagine getting my preggo self to sleep on a bathroom floor. You are the best mommy ever!

LOL said...

I bet your husband was in his comfy bed!