Saturday, September 17, 2011

Benton's Birthday!

So we are caught up on birthday's for the year. We actually managed to celebrate Benton's birthday on his birthday! Jason had the day off, so we went for it. He insisted on having the pirate ship cake that I had made for Tab several years ago and then made for Benton last year, only out of rice crispies... I googled a bunch of different ideas for cakes and cupcakes and showed them all to Benton, but he would not be deterred from having his pirate ship cake. So, what does a "good" mother do? She gives in...Then the opening of presents. The anticipation.Score... his very own umbrella with pirate paraphernalia all over it. Jason and I brought this back from Spain, as we had also given one to Tab for his birthday. He was quite pleased and has put it too good use.And a pirate island to add on to their Playmobile pirate sets. Gotta love Playmobile

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