Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day of School!

School started today...finally. This year we have two in school Tab started first grade.And here he is headed into school with dad. (Jason raced home from his overnight shift at the hospital in order to accompany him to school.) He was excited to see me at the end of the day and then seconds later completely melted because supposedly I am to send a snack with him every day. However nowhere in any paperwork did it state this. Apparently, according to him he was the only one without a snack. I felt like a schmuck. I feel like I should have known even though there is no way I could have known. Sigh...Benton started preschool today! It is only 3 hours 3 days a week but I think it is going to be good for him. He was excited about going, though his face in the picture looks more questioning.It is about at this point that he realized that we weren't in fact staying with him at school. (Will someone please teach my child to look at the camera.) He did really well according to his teacher. I guess he was a little nervous about playing with the other kids which is so NOT Benton. Alas, I'm sure he will adjust.
As some may recall last year I decorated/covered up logos on a book bag that we already had for Tab. Because we are cheap, I did the same thing this year for Benton. I took a book bag we had from storage and decked it out in pirate "stuff" per Benton's request. Pretty much the only difference between his and Tab's was that he wanted a hook on his instead of a skull and crossbones.
It had a sword wrapping around the top.And I made him a luggage tag and covered the straps with cool pirate fabric.Tab still has his book bag from last year but he did have to have an art smock for school. It was suggested that and old adult shirt would suffice but you know me. And I was sick of his long sleeve shirts getting ruined last year because they stick out, etc. So I made one. I just took one of Paisley's Ikea bibs and made a pattern that I enlarged to fit of course.
And the back is secured with a strip of velcro.
I put cuffs on the sleeves so that they would stay tight-ish around his wrists. Again with the pirates.And I stitched his name on it.


Sarah said...

You are the coolest Mom even if you forget snacks. The backpacks and smock are awesome. You have serious talent.

Kourtni said...

At least when you're cheap you're also talented. You make some of the coolest stuff and your kids obviously appreciate them.

Rebekah said...

The same thing happened to me with Cameron. Cameron is supposed to have TWO snacks everyday. He came home, and kinda told me, but I really had no idea what he was talking about because no one told me. Then on the second day of school he brought home a note that asked for two snacks everyday! No chocolate, no chips, no applesauce. Weird.

John-David and Kathryn said...

Wow. You are a nice mom. I was the mom who took one of her old t-shirts out of the closet and wrote his name on it with marker and stuck it in his exact same backpack from last year. Don't let Jackson know what you have done. He'll be asking for the same.