Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paisley, What a Character

Paisley is a funny girl. Somehow with two older brothers she managed to be ALL girl. We tried and tried to avoid the princess thing, alas. As a matter of fact we have done a nearly 180 and except it fully. She is regularly dressed in some sort of princess dress or carrying a purse or reading a princess book or talking about princesses and how pretty they are. What a silly girl.

Here she is riding the "McQueen car" around all decked out.She had to try to make McQueen seem girly somehow...She is just an all around silly girl. She loves to wear hats.
And recently Jason's parents came to visit and brought a set of great grandparents with them. Paisley made them wear her new sunglasses that Grandpa brought with him. They were good sports.

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