Sunday, February 22, 2009

Field Trip

Tab had a field trip at school recently. Their class had been learning about the mail system and how it works so they took a trip in to the local post office. They called it "Male" day and invited the significant male figure in their life to attend with them. Luck would have it that Jason had that hour off from school and so he zipped over to the post office to meet Tab's bus! Jason said that Tab was so excited to see him and he immediately ran over and gave him a huge hug.Jason said that this picture was taken in front of the cool mail sorters.
I was waiting outside of the post office to take Jason back to school for another class. I watched all of the dad's and grandpa's walking out. Tab goes to Head Start which is a free preschool for low-income families. You could tell that a lot of these dad's had taken time off of work to go on this field trip with their kids. It was really touching to see the sacrifice.

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Jason said...

Any time that we get to hang out is a highlight for me.