Friday, February 20, 2009

Park Time!

Last week we had a few gorgeous days. We were truly spoiled. We took the boys to the park one afternoon and later in the week we had playgroup at the park. It was fabulous.

Benton has grown so much over the winter. He just runs the park like he is one of the big kids. Mostly he just goes up and down the stairs. He also loves the slides. He really had fun with Jason there. Jason helped him do the monkey bars.I think that this one got the most laughs from the people around. Apparently Jason thought Benton might enjoy going across the slider thingy.I convinced Jason that Benton would probably enjoy holding on to it himself.As if Benton really needed much coaching, Jason taught him how to climb this ladder thing.
I curse him for this because when we went back to the park for playgroup, Benton kept trying to climb it when I wasn't looking.The boys had fun jumping on this thing together. (I'm sure that all of the different play apparatus have real names but to me they are all the either the thing that slides or the thing that they jump on or the ladder thing...) Apparently Benton had a little bit more of an attention span for this thing.Tab really wasn't interested in playing with us all that much after his friend showed up at the park. They spent a lot of time climbing up the slides.Have I ever mentioned how I always hated those kids that monopolized the slides by climbing up and down them? my kid is one of them. But I have to say they are getting pretty good at it.And finally a few pictures from our play group that was held at the same park. It seems like most of the boys spent the majority of their time "making chocolate" on the little slide.
I kept trying to get them to all look at me at once. Alex...the kid in the black shirt was giving me a hard time about looking for the picture. So I told him, "Fine then, I would just take a picture of his bum", at which point he turned and gave me this cheesy grin. I love it.

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Melissa said...

I am so jealous that you had a nice day like that where you didn't need coats, scarves, mittens, or even shoes.