Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Depot Kid's Projects

We recently learned about Home Depot's kid's projects. On the first Saturday of every month they offer a free kid's project. This month was a little "trinket" box. I put Benton down for a nap and Tab and I went on a "date" to Home Depot. At first he was mad at me for taking him to a store when I told him I was taking him on a date. Apparently shopping is not his idea of a good date. Once he realized that we were there to do something fun, he chilled out. We had fun putting his box together. He insisted that we had to put the heart on the top to finish it. I tried to convince him to save the heart for another project, alas. He is happily storing some Transformers Valentine's cards in his new box.He is so excited about going next month. They had a flier their for next month's project. They are making a racetrack. I have the flier on the fridge so I won't forget and he just keeps looking at it and asking when we can go make his racetrack. I think we are going to go a little earlier in the day next time so that Benton can go too! We are excited to make this a monthly ritual.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you don't remember Jarom going to those. He got a really cute carpenters apron.