Monday, February 23, 2009

What Imaginations!

Tab has the greatest imagination and Benton follows right along beside him playing whatever game or scenario Tab has just made up for him to be a part of.

Tab loves to play house. I'm not sure exactly where this came from but he and his good friend Jackson always play house when they get together. It is funny watching them take turns being "the mom". In this picture Tab had made the corner by our front door into "their bedroom" and he was telling Benton that it was time for a nap so he needed to lay down.Tab was headed over to pull Benton's blanket up onto him. What a good mommy.
Another new game is to put Benton, along with a few random toys, into their "Adventure Boat" and push him all over the house. Don't think that you can play along because you would be wrong. Tab and Benton both got mad at me when I tried to pull the laundry baskets apart into two boats so that I could push both of them around. Apparently pulling them apart "breaks" the adventure boat and it "isn't mine so I'm not allowed to touch it". Excuse me for trying to play along.

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