Monday, February 16, 2009

For Miss Ginger

Tab has been loving preschool. He is always talking about the different classroom aides etc. He tells me random things about them. So and so is nice, so and so doesn't love him because she doesn't give hugs (LOL), so and so makes lunch. But he has a special place in his heart for Miss Ginger. She is the bus aide. She helps all of the kids get buckled in and such. He tells me about her pretty hair and that he loves her and loves her and loves her and...well... you get the picture. So one day he decided he wanted to make a "picture". He decorated a paper with Spiderman stickers. He told me that it was for Miss Ginger. So we flipped it over so he could write her a note. After writing "Dear Miss Ginger" he not only ran out of room but got bored with writing. I am still proud. I had to take a picture. He is learning so much at preschool. I have tried over and over to teach him various things but he is just not interested in me teaching him but he eats it up at school.I don't know what Miss Ginger has done but she has completely stolen the heart of my 3 year old. The poor boy thought he was being punished or something when she wasn't on the bus for a week. It very nearly broke his poor little heart. He was practically gasping for air he was so excited on her first day back from her break.

**And I just have to say how much I love the way he writes his "E". He draws a line down and then starts drawing lines across until his verticle line runs out of room. Sometimes the E gets three horizontal lines, sometimes it gets 4 or 5.

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