Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Um....really....The Sandlot?

Jason and I love the movie, "The Sandlot". It is just a classic. However, at one point in the movie, Jason starts laughing. I laughed too. You know, one of those couple second that was funny laughs. Minutes later Jason was STILL laughing. It really wasn't THAT funny. Then the tears started rolling down his face. I just had to show you all how big of a dorky kid my husband is.Doesn't he look like he is in pain? The weirdo. Sorry, I swear I love you dear, I just had to show everyone how silly you are.

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Jason said...

It is beyond funny when Squints fakes drowning and kisses Wendy Peffercorn when she is giving him CPR.

His smile when she is giving him compressions is mischievously hilarious.