Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some more story time

Every night before bed we read stories with the boys. It truly is a rare occasion when both of the boys will sit on my lap at the same time for a book. Benton is usually trying to climb on the recliner so that he can turn the lights on and off, thus I am sitting on the floor.We got Tab a new book called "If you're Angry and you know it". We are trying to teach him how to deal with his moods, specifically the tantrums that are reappearing lately. It has worked a little, but we still have a ways to go. It worked long enough for Tab to be willing to share my lap for a few minutes.


Rebekah said...

Good idea with the angry book. And Benton sounds a lot like Cameron. It's hard to try to get him to sit still for the bedtime story. However, lately if I let him hold the book and turn the pages, he seems to do okay.

Jason said...

The second best part of the day.

Just behind the daily wrestling.

Sarah said...

That is a super cute picture of Benton.