Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Benton

Last night while Jason and I were talking after dinner, I mentioned that Benton had fallen off of one of the kitchen chairs at the table while I was making dinner(not an uncommon occurrence) but that he must have thunked himself pretty good this time, pointing to a small welt and huge red patch of skin behind his ear. Jason looked and said no because he has an identical one behind the other ear. We both just chalked it up to weird and then went to put the boys to bed. At this point we discovered he had little patches of red skin all over his body. We thought we would check it out in the morning.

Fast forward to this morning and it was covering more skin than it wasn't and so I called the doctor's office to make sure that it wasn't a reaction to an immunization that he had had on Friday. They said that it wasn't and just to keep an eye on him for a fever or acting weird, breathing problems as it was likely an allergic reaction to something. So watch him we did. He never got a fever or anything but when I got him up from his nap the spots on his head were large goosegg like lumps and the rest of the hives on his body made it look like he had been smacked really hard raising welts. A little concerned by the goosegg appearances on his head I called the doctor's office again to talk to the nurse. She said without any other concerns that the hives, he was probably fine and that we were ok to just give him benadryl. We did and the hives improved significantly. The pictures below are from about 4 hours after the benadryl. Sad that this is significantly better.

You can't tell from the picture, but they are all under his arms and in his armpits and such. They are still raised here as well but not nearly as badly as earlier today.Look at his poor back. And you can kind of tell that they are all under his hair too.
His poor head is really what gets to me. (Can you tell he has started to catch on that having his picture taken is fun? lol.)And we still have no idea what the reaction is from. Alas.


Jason said...

I don't know how he does it... but he even looks cute wearing the welts of a disciplinarian mother!


Melissa Bell said...

Oh my! He's even smiling. Is he itching it? We found out I was allergic to this specific soap when I broke out in hives, but they never looked like that.

Nashelle said...

I remember being 13 and started breaking out just like that. Overnight, it just covered me and some itched like crazy! We never figured out why I got them and I've never had them since. Hives can be weird like that! I'm glad that it's getting better, poor guy!

Janice said...

Rash seems to be the "trend" in my friends blogs these days. I guess they need a saying for the month of February that has to do with rashes. Hm... maybe I could make good money coming up with a slogan! I hope he gets better soon! And that he doesn't encounter what caused it ever again!

Anonymous said...

Oh my poor little Benny!:( As I remember hives, they usually start at the scalp and go down. I had them about a week after David was born, and never again. Benedryl did the trick. Hopefully in a day or so they will be gone.