Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Apparently We're OLD!!

So not long ago Jason and I decided to go to BYU's homecoming. We knew it was kind of dork since we're married and all, but we thought that we would have a blast. We really enjoyed getting all dressed up and going out.

We got to the dance and went in and immediately thought, what the heck is this song? And it only continued that way. With each song a cheer from the crowd and we are left at a loss. We couldn't figure out why they were playing crap. Supposedly, it was a top 40's dance. Apparently this makes us OLD. We obviously don't keep up with the "cool" music. Now, we did recognize and like some of the music, but the vast majority---well, was crap. We enjoyed dancing and eachother's company. We left quite early, but didn't want to go home as we had a babysitter. So we went and bummed around Walmart for an hour. I have to admit, I think we had equally as much fun walking around walmart. So, I guess at 23, I am officially too old for this town.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Latest Project

I made Tab's costume for Halloween and I just finished it! I can proudly say that other than asking mom's help on trying to figure out how much fabric to buy, I did this completely by myself. I realize the picture isn't that great, but it is a 3 Musketeer.

Here is a picture of the hat after I added the feather. (sorry it's sideways, but I'm too lazy to flip it)