Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stuff I've Made

I've been asked by many people to post pictures of all of the stuff that I have made for Paisley. So I'm finally complying. Here is the stuff that I've been able to finish before my sewing machine went kaput. I had plans to make a few other things, but have simply run out of time as well, so perhaps it is good that my machine isn't working.

I didn't take a picture of the stuff I have for her to wear home from the hospital because it is already packed and I am too lazy to pull it out.

I totally count this as something I've made. I'm 38 weeks 4 days in this picture. And so what if I spilled something on my shirt. Just ignore my chubby face as well. Gag me.

I've made several receiving blankets. Two of them were two layers and the rest were just one layer.I made this blanket.I made a bunch of burp cloths. I made several hour glass shaped ones and then several rectangular ones. The rectangular ones have terrycloth on the back.
I made a bunch of hairbows and a few headbands. I made some white headbands too but they are elsewhere and I didn't feel like digging them out.Bracelets- Most of which will likely not fit her for a while, but I had fun making them.
I made a few pairs of baby legs.
A covered wipes case and diaper and wipes pouch.Diaper Changing mat. It is lined with clear plastic.
And it folds up to look like this. It is secured with some clear plastic snaps.I painted mod podged these mirror frames.Double layered nursing cover. I like mine a bit larger than most of them are, so I made my own.A twirly skirt, using a fun and easy tutorial that my friend found.And finally, booties. I shrunk down my pattern that I usually use and made some newborn sized booties. I have more of these that are partially made, but my machine needs to be repaired, sigh.I made a pair of these felt booties. One of the hairbows that I made above matches the crocheted flower on these booties.And finally, I crocheted these little mary janes. I love these. They don't look all that cute just sitting there, but I put them on a friend's baby and they are so adorable. It makes me wish I had time to make a few more pairs in several colors.I am currently working on crocheting this blanket. I still have a little ways to go, but I'm enjoying it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Trip to PA

As many of you know, the boys and I went to Pennsylvania during Jason's finals week. Yes, I was (and still am) extremely pregnant and yes, the flights were kind of exhausting, but it was worth it. After our last leg of the flight, the pilot invited the boys into the cockpit of the plane. He let them push buttons that did all sort of random things. He let Tab talk on the loudspeaker thing. He let him them pull on the steering thing. They both were in heaven. I went home primarily for my best friend's wedding. I didn't get very many good pictures, but isn't she just gorgeous.For the boys, the big enjoyment of the week was holding grandma's new baby chicks.
Benton even loved it. He got very good at being gentle with them by the end of the week.
Here he is going in for a kiss.They also went out with the big chickens several times. They loved feeding them bread. Here they are waiting patiently for grandma to come let them in.They did quite a bit of egg gathering.After a short time we decided it was better to let Tab do the egg gathering. Benton thought they were balls and would just throw them in the bucket, thus smashing the eggs.Of course there was plenty of playing outside...once in wasn't too wet. Jarom had saved some huge boxes and made a "fort" for the boys. As grandma and grandpa have TV, Tab became acquainted with the show "Mickey Mouse Club House", so he called their fort his Mickey Mouse Club House. Both Tab and Benton LOVED it! Thanks Jarom.
At one point grandpa and one of the dogs decided that playing in the clubhouse with the boys would be fun too.There was plenty of just hanging out too.
Also while we were there, I was lucky enough that my mom had Tuesday off from work. Tuesday off= Roots Farmer's Market! I just love this place. I think that most of my siblings do. It is fun to go and walk around all of the vendors and farmer's stands. You always find something to pick up.While we were there, we decided to get a "snack". There was a place that was selling Butterfly Potatoes. They were the coolest thing ever. Basically they took two huge potatoes and stuck them up against a blade and used a contraption attached to a drill to twist the potatoes on the blade, thus cutting them super thin. Then they deep fried them. They were the best potato chips ever. We had some nacho cheese on ours too and wow it was yummy. I didn't even think to take a picture until my mom and I had devoured at least half of it. Yes this picture is of the potatoes half eaten. And don't worry, we were gluttonous and ate the entire thing...with a little help from Benton.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Tab!

I can't believe that 4 years ago today this beautiful baby came into our lives.Tab is such a fun kid. He can be a royal pain in the butt, but he can also be hilarious and a great snuggler and a great brother.

Tab is having a birthday party later this week, but we decided just to do a little cake for him and let him open one of his presents today. He was so excited. Here he is while we were singing Happy Birthday to him. He was so excited I thought he was going to burst.
And then blowing out the candles.Here he is all ready to open his present. He was nearly bursting at the seems as I made him wait for a picture.He was so funny about opening his present. He knew exactly what was inside as he had picked it out. But when he opened it he said, "what a surprise"! We got a good chuckle out of that.
Love that cheeser grin.Here he is playing with his Pirate boat. He is obsessed with all things pirate and has been since he got some pirate stuff for Christmas. The funny thing about this boat he picked out is that it is for age 18 months. I tried to get a video of him and Benton playing with their boats. Tab was doing all sorts of "pirate talk" before I started videoing and I only caught a little of it. You can kind of hear Benton in the background mimicking him.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big Brothers

Big brothers are for designed for a lot of things.

*They beat up on you.
*They teach you how to get in trouble
*They get into things and then blame in on you.
*They play with you.
*They protect you from other people beating up on you.

My favorite thing that Tab does as a big brother is comfort Benton when he is sad. Benton was having a particularly rough day. He spent much of the day crying and just screaming bloody murder for no apparent reason. I couldn't take it anymore and had to get dinner ready, so I had the boys in pj's and put the gate up and set to making dinner while Benton all of the while screaming. Benton went into his bed and pulled out his blankie and stuffed blanket and laid down in front of the gate where he sobbed.Tab decided to help out and brought another blanket and laid it on top of Benton and rubbed his back until he calmed down. I don't know why Tab could calm him down and I couldn't, but I was very grateful for Tab deciding to demonstrate his good big brother skills.