Monday, November 13, 2006

The stage that makes you want to be done having kids...

Uggg. I am so completely done with this stage that Tab is in. The random screaming fits. He ends up screaming and whining for hours at a time. These usually turn into him jumping up and down all the while screaming. This actually makes me laugh. However, it does NOT make me laugh after he has been doing it nonstop for 3o minutes. It also does not make me laugh when he starts hitting himself in the head because he is so angy. At first we thought it was that he was teething...or maybe he was sick...or.....but no. Jason and I finally realized what we "think" is the issue here. We "think" it is that he knows what he wants but can't tell us what he wants, or that he knows that we are refusing to give him what he wants, depending on the situation. Either way it is making me crazy. I just keep repeating over and over again...this is just a stage, this is just a stage, this is just a stage...

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Med School Saga goes on

Just thought I would update everyone. Jason was just granted an interview at the University of Utah. He is also in the interview "pool" for University of Vermont, which means he will "likely" get an interview! Go Jason!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween and etc.

As many of you have been asking for here is a post just full of pictures of Tab. First of all, here is the only really good picture that we were able to catch of Tab in his Halloween constume that I made. This was at the Ward Trunk or Treat, the Friday before Halloween. He was a Three Muskateer/Prince. What a stud! Isn't he adorable? (sorry...blogger is giving me problems placing the pictures properly.

Then, the next day we went to a pumpkin patch here in town and let Tab run and look at all of the pumpkins and pick one out. We had a hard time getting him to hold or otherwise pose with a pumpkin, as he thought they were all soccer balls.! He found the small one he is pictured with and kicked it around the pumpkin patch for quite some time! What a silly kid. You can even tell in the picture that he is trying to kick it.

Now to follow are just shameless showoff pictures. Jason and I decided to take Tab up to a nice spot at BYU to take some pretty Fall pictures of Tab. I wish that I was half the photographer that my sister is. That way I could have a few pictures of him while he is looking at the camera and the camera is focused. Our camera is so slow, that such a picture becomes quite the feat. So what now will follow are TONS of pictures simply for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Apparently We're OLD!!

So not long ago Jason and I decided to go to BYU's homecoming. We knew it was kind of dork since we're married and all, but we thought that we would have a blast. We really enjoyed getting all dressed up and going out.

We got to the dance and went in and immediately thought, what the heck is this song? And it only continued that way. With each song a cheer from the crowd and we are left at a loss. We couldn't figure out why they were playing crap. Supposedly, it was a top 40's dance. Apparently this makes us OLD. We obviously don't keep up with the "cool" music. Now, we did recognize and like some of the music, but the vast majority---well, was crap. We enjoyed dancing and eachother's company. We left quite early, but didn't want to go home as we had a babysitter. So we went and bummed around Walmart for an hour. I have to admit, I think we had equally as much fun walking around walmart. So, I guess at 23, I am officially too old for this town.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Latest Project

I made Tab's costume for Halloween and I just finished it! I can proudly say that other than asking mom's help on trying to figure out how much fabric to buy, I did this completely by myself. I realize the picture isn't that great, but it is a 3 Musketeer.

Here is a picture of the hat after I added the feather. (sorry it's sideways, but I'm too lazy to flip it)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The first of many to come...

...stiches, broken limbs and the like that is. Today Tab got his first set of stitches. He was running around at the sitter's house and fell as usual. But this time instead of his head finding a flat wall or floor it found the corner of a chest that she uses somewhat like a coffee table. So She called me several times but I couldn't hear my cell phone ringing...(did I ever mention that I think I having hearing loss). So she called Jason and he immediately drove home and picked up his bike with the kid seat on the back to go pick him up...since I had the carseat in my car and was still not hearing my phone ring. I finally heard my phone and ran home, feeling like a terrible mom for not answering my phone. Anyway, we took him to Dr. Taylor (Tab's new doctor who we love). Tab was such a good sport letting the nurse scrub his cut and hold a pad with a numbing gel on it. It wasn't until he was put on the board which he was strapped to in a mummy sort of way that he FREAKED out. Once he was able to get out of that and back into mommy's arms he started to calm down, although there was still quite a bit of whimpering with intermitant sobs. However, once the nurse showed him the jar of lolipops he was all smiles! There was not another whimper. That's the Solter in him. We can always be bribed with candy. Here is my brave little boy, two stitches later!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's getting closer...

...Med School that is. Jason is finishing up some of his secondary applications this week. So far he has sent in secondary applications to: Penn State, Jefferson and Vermont. He is getting ready to send in secondary applications to George Washington, Brown, and Boston University. As well we are still waiting to hear back from a few schools.

With each lovely application fee we pay, we get a little bit closer. A little closer to being done with his undergrad, a little bit closer to interviewing, a little bit closer to knowing where we are going...just a little bit closer. It drives me nuts waiting to know where we will be in a year. I'm not so patient when it come to the whole waiting game.

Of course I have my preferences on where we get in, but I'll be happy wherever we go... just so long as I know where that is already. Geez...can you tell I'm impatient?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Take me out to the ball game!

Last week we went to see a AA Baseball game. We watched the Orem Owlz play. It was a blast. They have a promotional deal with NAPA Autoparts. So we went and picked up our vouchers from our local NAPA and went to the game. It was sweet. Tickets, a hotdog, a soda, and a popcorn were each just a buck! We had a blast. Tab enjoyed sitting with us for a little while, but he loved meeting the mascot. One of the best parts of the game was that when Tab got cranky they had a fenced in park inside the stadium grounds. We can't wait until August 30th, when NAPA sponsors another game. We will be there for sure.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What a beauty

I was going through pictures and came across some pictures of my mom when she was younger. She is so beautiful. I was trying to find some recent pictures of her as well, to show how you can still see that beautiful young woman in the beautiful grandma. Somehow I was unable to find any recent pictures of her.

I miss my mommy. She lives far away from me right now but is one of my closest friends. I look to her for advice on most everything. I hope one day to live closer to my best friend. I love you mom!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You can't help but laugh....

Some days I just can't help but laugh at some of the things that Tab does. I mean, part of me thinks I should put on that stern voice and tell him he has been naughty. But then I look at the smile of accomplishment on his cute little face and I can't help but laugh.

One day, after getting myself ready for work, I heard that Tab was awake so I went into his room to get him up and ready for the day. Now, we just moved into a new place and hadn't yet put up the shelf to put his wipes and diaper rash cream on. So, I'm sure you can all imagine what I found when I walked in. First, there was this face, as I exclaimed, "what in the world". The famous, uh oh, I'm in big trouble face.

Like, I said, I couldn't help but laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. I may have cried I laughed so hard. And then, Tab thought it must be a game and boy does he love games. So then, out came the happy face. He quickly became very proud of the mess he had just made.

So, finally here is the picture of what he is so proud of!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Canning.....I did it!

I'm so excited. I just succeeded in my first attempt at canning! I was offered appricots but wasn't sure what to do with them. After much help from my mom, I decided that little old me might be able to can them. So, I went and bought some jars (not too cheap, I might add), and started to get ready. It only took me a week to get everthing together that I needed so that I could go pick the appricots.

I spent a bit of time on Saturday actually canning them. And it wasn't as much work as I remembered it being when my mom made us help her when we were little. So after a few hours, I had results! Can you tell, I'm excited? I'm so proud of myself. Now onto the next task, fruit leather...

Now, what you're all waiting for... The Results

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Proud Papa

Ok, Ok, I know Father's Day was a few weeks ago, but I just needed to share a picture of Jason being such a proud dad and wearing his tie that Tab made him for Father's Day!

Hey, It's Summer!

So what else do you do but play in the hose? This was Tab's first experience with playing in the hose. He just loved it. He got into my flower bed and was covered in dirt, so I not just hose him off. He just loved running around while I squirted him with the hose.

I think that I had about as much fun spraying him with the hose as he did running through it. I think that this is just the beginning of a long life the summers and running through the hose! Here is one last picture just for good measure.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Exercise....It does a body good!

My best friend, Kimberlie, and I have started "working out" together. I am beyond excited. We tried to start a few months ago but it was a big flop. But now we are both committed. I'm sick and tired of feeling out of shape. I think that I'm in the worst shape of my life right now. I guess by writing out our plans on here makes me even more accountable.

Our plan is to exercise and lift weights three days a week. Who knows maybe we'll work up from there. We do it at 8:45 PM, so I have a chance to but Tab to bed. My goal is to be able to run a 5k by the end of summer. Not that I necessarily will run in a 5k, but I want to be able to.

All I can say is that after two days of exercising, I can feel it. My abs seem to have somehow taken the most abuse. But just knowing that I'm starting to kick my butt into shape gets me pumped!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to my BUG!

I know I know, I'm way late, but Happy Birthday Tab! He turned the big 1 on May 25th. I'll appologize in advance for the tons of pictures to follow, but he is just too cute. We had a little party with cake and icecream for him. It was a lot of fun with family and friends. I had a lot of fun making his Bug Mountain Cake. (Thanks for the suggestion Amber)
It was a lot of fun to make. And who knew it would take over an hour to cook a cake in a bowl?

As you can tell he was a little hesitant to touch the cake at first. I think that he thought that he was going to get in trouble if he touched it.

So Dad decided to help him dig in by smashing his mouth into the cake. At first I thought that there was going to be a melt down as he wanted to help himself to the cake. But then he got a little taste of chocolate and it was all over. He learned to enjoy.

He had more sweets in one evening then he has ever had in his life. Dad spoiled him rotten. He had a HUGE, I mean a HUGE HUGE HUGE piece of cake. That I might add he ate quite a bit of. Needless to say he didn't get put to bed until 9:30 and then he was awake just talking to himself in his crib for over an hour! He just kept talking and laughing at himself. It was hilarious.

Witness the piece of cake Dad gave him! (Sorry it stopped letting me post pictures)

And Finally, the cleanup. Not Tab's favorite part.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gone Camping...

A few weeks ago we went camping up American Fork Canyon. It was a little cold but absolutely beautiful! We just love camping, and having a little guy couldn't keep us from it. We went from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. After the first night we were about ready to throw in the towel, as Tab allowed us to get less than adequate amounts of sleep. But we finally figured out how to get him to nap without his crib to keep him contained. Behold the most beautiful invention known for campers with small children... The Kelty Backpack Carrier

Not only did it save our sanity but saved our camping trip! We were able to get him to take half decent naps, if we just strapped him on and went for a little walk! He did grow quite sick of bein in it though as he had to be in it whenever he wasn't being held because as you can tell we were quite near the water. Can anyone guess by the picture what we used to bribe him with?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Starting Out

I'm completely new to this whole blog thing... Well, creating one that is. I'm very proficient in reading them! Hopefully, I will be able to share little happenings in our life as well as pictures of our little boy, Tab!