Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Big Kid

Benton has become such a big kid. When did this happen? I mean, I knew he was getting to be a big baby, but now he is really starting to be a big kid. Sniff Sniff. So I just had to snap a few pictures.Would you just look at that grin. Goodness sakes. (And you can see how sick he is in his poor watery eyes)
"Um, mom, do you know how hard it is to balance while I'm looking up at you?" (And really look at those shoes. A mom just can't resist some cute kicks)Would you look at that posture? Didn't get that from me.
I FINALLY got a picture where there isn't a huge glare covering his entire eye. Can you see how blue they are? Sigh ... reminds me of his daddy every time I look into them.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time Out Monkey

So Tab has been spending A LOT of time in time out lately (big sigh). I really don't want to talk about it. But my point is that he has now taken to putting his monkey in time out. He was playing with his monkeys with Benton the other day and dropped it on Benton's face. Of course, Mr. Tenderheart freaked and was crying like the world was going to end. So Tab told his monkey that he was naughty and he needed to go to time out. I thought it was too cute and had to take a picture.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Best of Friends

I was going through some of our pictures recently and I began to reminisce. When we left Utah, we left behind a lot of things ... a bigger house that we were renting, 2 great jobs, easy access to all things other than Walmart. The hardest thing for us to leave behind were our best friends, Taylor, Kimberlie and Tyler. They probably wouldn't know it, because we are horrible at keeping in touch, other than stalking her blog, but we miss them so much. I just wanted to let them know we think of them often. Tab is always begging to visit Tyler's blog (yes, I know that means he sits on my lap too often while I'm at the computer)
Jason and Taylor used to get up really early on Saturday Mornings and going "bunny hunting" or 4 wheeling. Those boys worried us sometimes.

Tab was just in love with Tyler. We went to lunch with Kimberlie and Tyler right before we left.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hot Date

Saturday night Tab and I went out on a hot date. We went to the Peking Acrobats. It was a blast. It was amazing some of the things that they did. At first I thought it was going to be a swinging trapeze type of thing, but this was way cooler. Tab was mesmerized. He kept jumping around between his seat and my lap saying, "Mom, what doing?", "Mom, what just happened?", "Oh my goodness". Now when Tab really wants to make sure he has my attention when he is telling me something, he grabs my chin and forces me to look at his face. I can't tell you how many times he grabbed my chin and tweaked toward him or to whatever he was pointing to on the stage and saying "look, look". The best part was when we were going home and he told me, "Too much fun day". It is always good to know when I've been successful. Thanks for the great date Tab.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Little Studs

I have to admit that I just love getting Tab and Benton all dressed up for church. You know, with girls they have all sorts of cute hair bows and bracelets and such to make them look so cute. But with little boys there isn't that much that you can add to "accessorize". So I have to take advantage of Sundays when I can stick stinking cute matching ties on my boys. I just love it.
Really, all that I need to say is, could anything be cuter than these boys?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 14 Days of Valentines!

For Valentine's Day this year I decided to do something called the 14 Days of Valentines, where for the first 14 days of February you do a little something for your special someone. So I decided to take on the challenge. I like to believe it was worth it. Jason seems to have enjoyed in quite a bit! So, what did I do?
Day 1: I made Jason a little scrapbooked pamphlet. I can't really call it a book because it was only 3 pages ... anywho ... There was a list of 10 reasons I love him and a list of 10 of my favorite memories with him.

Day 2: Throughout the day I sent him several email "love notes". I like to think it helped to break up his day of studying.

Day 3: Giant Rice Crispie Treats shaped like Hershey Kisses. These would have turned out a bit better had I been able to find a funnel to shape them with. Have I ever mentioned how annoying our Walmart can be when trying to find random items such as a funnel? No? Well, that is a gripe for another post, another day.
Day 4: I made a note that said, "I love you BEARY much" and attached it to a bag of gummy bears. Cheesy I know.

Day 5: I wrote him a love letter in code, you know like you wrote in Junior High to your friends just in case someone else found it. I don't think he actually had the time to decipher it until 2-3 days later.

Day 6: I wrote notes on little kid valentines and taped them all over the house for him to find.

Day 7: I filled a little jar full of pink, green and purple conversation hearts and wrote a prescription to take 1 pink one twice a day to remember how much I loved him, 1 green one twice a day to remember how much Tab loved him and 1 purple one twice a day to remember how much Benton loved him. He totally OD'd the first day. Good thing he was just left with a sugar buzz.

Day 8: Tab, Grandma (Jason's mom) and I made him some yummy sugar cookies that we decorated. More like Grandma and I decorated while Tab gorged himself on frosting but hey, what can you do.

Day 9: Tab, Grandma and I paper mach├ęd a balloon and painted it red and wrote on it. Tab and I stuck little notes inside it.

Day 10: I made homemade fortune cookies and stuck little "love" fortunes in them.

Day 11: I made him a candybar letter, which of course didn't have any candybars on it, as the man doesn't believe in eating chocolate.

Day 12: I made a heart shaped Pizza for dinner

Day 13: I printed up the words "I love you" in 100 different languages. I cut them up into stips and stuck them in a cute little jar and made a tag for it that said "Jar of Love"
Day 14: The big day. I made a full meal, which I rarely do. I usually just make a main dish and a veggie. But I made Fettucine Alfredo, Augratten Potatoes, corn, salad and a yummy drink. For dessert I made a Strawberry Parfait. I put a valentine's tablecloth on the table and set up some candles and spread flower petals on the table. It was cute...see.
See, doesn't it just look so yummy?
And I made these yummy drinks. The frozen raspberries floating in the top are my favorite part. Tab kept asking Jason and I to "cheers" him over and over again.
And finally, the Raspberry Parfait. Now this is how it is supposed to look with the oreos.
Oh look at that yummy goodness.

But, sometimes a woman has to cater to a silly husband how doesn't believe in chocolate in any form. Thus the stawberry wafer cookies instead of the oreos. What's else would a woman to do for her man on Valentine's day?

Monday, February 04, 2008

A New Project

So, as many of you know I'm always working on new sewing/craft projects. If I don't have at least 5 different ones going at the same time, I must be sick. Of course that is just 5 that I've worked on in the past month, it doesn't count the many unfinished ones that I "set down" to come back to at a later date yet to be determined, if ever. Well, here is a completed one. I've made a few, and am considering selling them. We shall see. This is the first one I made. The subsequent ones I have made I have covered over the "pop top" piece and added some other embelishment in place of the trim around the pop top. I don't have pictures of that one because I gave it away. So tell me what you think.
I didn't like the way the trim looked on the back because of the pop top which is part of the reason I decided to do it differently from now on, but overall I still love it.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Here, Dis is Your Pew Pew

Tab has been very into playing cowboy lately. He mounts his horse and throws on his cowboy hat. And don't you think for one second that he can do one without the other or there will be loud screaming. He rode his rocking horse for about 30 minutes the other day. I tell you he is one wild cowboy.

YeeHaw, ride 'em cowboy. "My hat's too big? What do you mean my hat is too big? It is supposed to be covering my eyes. It keeps all of the dirt out of them. You know.. the dirt those other cowpokes are kicking up in mom's livingroom?"

Not only is he a great horseman, but he is one heck of a gun slinger. I tell you, that boy can swing that thing around like there is no tomorrow. Every time that Jason emerges from studying, Tab bombards him, throwing one of his guns into Jason's hands, telling him, "this is your pew pew", all the while running around like mad, demanding that Jason go pew pew in his room with him. Jason showed Tab how to holster his gun in his pants. Unfortunately Tab was only wearing his skinnies when Jason showed him. Thus the result...So, of course I had to get Jason to pose with Tab with their "makeshift" holsters. (And yes, I know Jason's pants are unbuttoned. When I asked why he didn't button them up for the picture he stated that it is "uncomfortable" to have them buttoned up all day and plus "I was studying". I guess I missed the part where I was studying was an excuse for your weird behaviors)Ah, look at that handsome cowboy. If I were two, I'd ride on the back of your rocking horse anyday.