Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catching Up

So I've been gone. I know, gone is the understatement of the century. I was away from home for seven weeks and thus it has been about eight weeks since I've blogged. My appologies. I really do have good excuses. The main one being the dialup that my parents try to pass off as the internet. I love you mom and dad, but it made me want to stick a toothpick in my eye. Here's hoping that highspeed makes it to the boondocks sometime this century or at least before we visit again. My excuse for not blogging in the week I've been back is that I didn't know where to start. I spent two weeks in Utah and five in Pennsylvania and we did A LOT, so I have more than a lot of pictures. So I have decided that I will try to divide everything up into different posts to try to share our trip. So we'll start with part of my trip to Utah.

Jason had to do a two week preceptorship in St. Louis. Since he was going to have the car my in-laws were nice enough to fly me and the boys out to Utah for a visit and to help with my sister-in-law, Kristine's baby shower. (I'll post some pictures later.) I was a little nervous about flying with the boys by myself, so I went prepared with all sorts of bribery, little of which I needed. They were seriously angels. I had several gentlemen comment about how well behaved my children were on the plane and how they had been nervous, etc. It made me pretty happy.

After we arrived, my sister Rebekah picked us up and we went straight to my brother and sister in law's house. We had a little get together with the family. Matt was taking the picture, thus he is not in it. What a sport.We spent a little time outside hanging out. The boys really enjoyed being outside after the plane ride.We then went back to Rebekah's house. She kindly put us up for about a week. The boys enjoyed getting to know Cameron. They even got to bathe together. Would you look at those cute little butts. Ok so Benton's got a big baby butt. You can't say you don't want to reach out and squeeze those cheeks.And I thought I would throw in this picture just because the kid is so stinking cute!Look for posts about our other adventures.
Visiting the Ogdens
Rebekah's Senior Recital
Hanging with the Pinegars
The Salt Lake Bee's game and other Utah adventures
The Drive to PA
Grandma's Chickens, Grandma's chickens and more about Grandma's chickens
The Dogs
Cherry Picking
Grandpa's Woodshop
The "Gate"
The Quilt Show
Lazing Around
Rope Swings
Lightning Bugs
The "Tub"
The Bounce House
Mother May I and other Yard Games
Shucking Corn
4th of July
The Park
Play Group
Blueberry Picking
The Backyard
The Highchair
Guitar Hero
The Gecko
Missouri or Bust
Congrats if you read that list. Do you see why I had a hard time starting? And that was narrowing things down a bit!