Friday, April 27, 2012

An Outing

 On a particularly nice afternoon recently, Jason decided he wanted to get out of the house after work.  So we went for a little drive.  We stopped by one of our favorite covered bridges and walked around.  I think the kids just enjoyed being outside.
Then we drove over to the fish hatchery.   They have a ton of little pools where they raise all of the fish that they stock various lakes and such with.  The kids really enjoyed being able to see them.
Then we found that we could buy little bags of food to feed the fish for super cheap.  So we got a few bags and let the kids have at it.
We all really enjoyed watching the fish jump out of the water to get the food.
It really was incredible just how many fish there were.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family Fun Night

I had this post all set up and then apparently didn't post it. 

Tab's school had a Family Fun Night a while back and it really was a lot of fun.  They had some semi organized dancing set up in the gym.  Paisley had a blast.  She ran around dancing for a long time.  She cried when I made her leave so that we could do something else.
She was completely oblivious to the fact that she was by far the tiniest little thing in that room.  And she could have cared less where her brothers were.  She was having so much fun.
The kids got their faces painted.  Can you tell what Tab and Benton asked to be done as?

They asked to be skeletons. 
Paisley just wanted a heart and a butterfly.
*Side Note: (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong mom, but this is how I remember it.)  I almost always let me kids get their faces painted when we go somewhere.  One, because they love it.  Two, because growing up my parents would NEVER let us get our faces painted or put on those temporary tattoos.  I always wanted to, so now I let my kids.  I guess that is one of those stupid you want to give your kids what you could never have sort of

Alice in Wonderland

 Benton's preschool recently went on a little field trip to one of the local colleges.  Their performing arts department was putting on Alice in Wonderland.  I was a little worried that I would be wrestling Benton, Paisley and Hobbes the entire time, since I have always found the movie extremely boring.  However, they quite enjoyed it.  After the show, all of the actors/actresses lined up out in the hallway to sigh autographs. 

Paisley liked the queen of hearts.

 Benny was a bigger fan of the Mad Hatter.  Though he couldn't quite grasp the concept that mad could also mean crazy.  So the entire way home he queried me about why he was called the Mad Hatter if he was actually happy.
 Posing with Alice.  Paisley always looks dazed in pictures.  I don't know what her deal is.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Worn Out

As usual, these pictures are a little old but I thought that they were worth sharing.  Hobbes loves his jumper.  Good thing because he spends a fair amount of time in there.  It is my life saver.  However sometimes he decides he is done being in the jumper but well.... lets just say my hands are full.  So he has occasion fussed until he decided to just give up.
 The poor kid.  He is doomed to having to wait.  I suppose it is a fourth child thing...