Thursday, January 27, 2011


I don't think that I can say this enough. There's nothing like a little girl who loves her daddy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Children's Museum

We have some friend's through Tab's school who have memberships to the local children's museum. They used their free passes to take us over the holiday's. The kids had a blast playing make believe and exploring all of the fun contraptions that they have. Paisley Liked the airplane. I think she mostly just loved to sit on the stool.There was a lot of time spent playing dress up with the fireman outfits and firetruck.Everywhere that Benton and Isaac went they were holding hands. They were cute.We had a lot of fun building at the light table.The best part was watching Paisley try to walk through this triangular mirror tube. She just loved the baby that followed her around.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hockey Game

Over the Holidays we took the family to see a hockey game with free tickets the boys earned from the library this summer. We had a blast. Dad even bought soda and popcorn!Tab spent a lot more time watching the game and asking questions about what was going on than he had previously. All questions of course were deferred to Jason. They had a table set up for the kids to make posters. Tab wrote "Go, Griffins, Go" and drew a hockey puck. Then Jason helped him draw a hockey stick and a goal. He was so proud. Periodically throughout the game or whenever they would score a goal he would yell, "my sign, my sign, I need my sign." I would hand it over and he would hold it up and yell, "Go, Griffins, Go". It was so cute. I should have taken a picture of the sign.Paisley even joined us. She did pretty good considering it was WAY past bed time. I'm guessing the popcorn helped.The best part of the game was when they were shooting t-shirts into the stands out of those little hand held cannon type things and I caught it for Tab. He insisted on wearing it immediately and wears it frequently. We have had to insist that he is only allowed to wear it to bed. As you can see in the picture it is huge! It is an adult XL.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Ice Skating

Over Christmas Break we took the kids downtown to an outdoor ice rink. It is $1/person including the skate rental. You can't go wrong. The boys loved skating. They even had those awesome "walkers" for the kids to use to skate around. Benton went one time around with the walker and then decided he could do it without it. And he was right. He just held Jason's hand and went right along with a little slip here and there. Tab wasn't nearly as skilled. I think he was just too spastic. Poor kid wants to play ice hockey but is a bit to spastic to ice skate. Those two don't go well together. Paisley enjoyed walking around the ice with us.
I on the other time didn't have such a great time. The skates I had hurt my feet SOOOO badly. And they felt like the blade had never been sharpened. It was awful trying to skate on those. I looked ridiculous.Here is a video of the kids for your enjoyment.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Box Heaven

Jason recently decided that since the boys love boxes so much that he would make them a box car.I think he did an awesome job. And they love it.Crashes and all.

A Toast

These kids never cease to make me laugh. They love to combine toy genres when they play. So one afternoon, this is what they came up with. Yummy, dinosaur cocktails.

My Dress

My mom is an amazing seamstress. Someday I hope to have her knowledge and skill. She made me this dress when I was one. Aren't I cute?Ok, ok, so that was Paisley but I thought I could pass myself off for cute once in my life. Didn't my mom mom do an amazing job. She even did the little embroidery on the top. The Top of the dress is a pinafore and then under it is a flowery "froofy" dress. She wore it to church a few weeks ago and I got so many comments on it. I had to tell everyone that my mom made it for me.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011!

AKA, let the serial posting begin! I am attempting to get up to date on my blog in order to institute my New Year's Resolution to stay on top of this blog and perhaps be a little bit more regular than every 6 months on my recipe blog. So over the next few days there will be a TON of new posts. I may end up going back and posting them date wise where they belong but for now...enjoy.

Michigan Lighthouses

We have fallen in love with lighthouses since moving to Michigan, so on one of the last reasonable weekends we took a little trip to see 3 different lighthouses. It was an awesome day.

We started out at the Pentwater lighthouse which was kind of a joke.But the area was very pretty.This is my favorite picture because even though we are blurry in the picture the contrast in colors between the river water joining the lake water and the sky is amazing.We got to teach the boys about driftwood.
The kids had fun walking along the water.
Paisley was "eh" about the whole thing.Then we went to Little Sable. It was absolutely gorgeous.I think this one was the favorite for the boys because the sidewalks were drifted over with sand by this point in the season, so they got to tromp through it.It was just amazing to take it.Last but not least we went to the White River Light Station.This one reminded me of Pete's Dragon because of the little house attached to it.Tab got caught in the action of relieving himself.

I love these kids

This picture may seem like nothing, but it says so much to me.

1. It says that Paisley loves hanging with her brothers when they are watching a movie on the computer.

2. Benton was getting every one graham crackers for a snack.

3. Paisley is such a goober. She always pulls out all of her bibs to put on all of her stuffed animals and babies.

4. We have an awesome family with awesome kids.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Tab's teacher sent home a poster board with a turkey traced on it with instructions to as a family project cut it out and decorate it however we wanted. So of course I suggested fabric. Tab didn't really care as long as it had a lot of colors and glitter. He helped a lot with the gluing. He loved getting to use the spray adhesive.He also helped to string the beads onto the wire and did all of the glitter. It is hard to see but the wattle is covered in glitter and the edges of the beak and the feet are covered in glitter.
He was very proud to bring his turkey to school.

Our Little Sweetheart

Paisley sure knows how to win people's affections. Benton was laying on the ground kind of pouting about something or other and Paisley gave right over to him, pulled his shirt up and started rubbing his back.She knew exactly how to make her brother happy and win his heart, as if she hadn't already.

The many faces of Tab

If you haven't caught on yet, Tab is a pretty silly kid. We were talking about different emotions and whatnot, so we decided to have him show us each of the emotions. The setting, just happened to be the bathtub.

Can you guess what they are?

#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8Benton and Paisley decided that they needed to be in on the fun.

Pirates Ahoy!

The boys are usually pretty good about involving Paisley in their playing. Sometimes it starts like this, where they blockade her into a corner with her toys. Luckily she didn't seem to mind... this time.But then the Pirates attacked and invaded her castle and kicked her out.Then they decided that they would let her live if she joined their pirate gang.
Having no other choice, she joined up to sail with those scallywags. She played the part well.