Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Days!

We've had a "bit" of snow this winter. One evening after Jason got home from work, we took the kids out to do some sledding behind the house. Paisley didn't really seem to care to much.Benton loved giving pushes.I even enjoyed a few runs.Benton really struggled climbing back up the hill.But Tab was an awesome brother and helped to push him up.Paisley opted to be pulled around.Jason decided that he didn't need a sled.Paisley wasn't too sure about the whole snow angel thing.Overall, they had fun.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Match Results are in!

We are headed to Allentown, Pennsylvania. Jason matched to Lehigh Valley Health Network in Emergency Medicine. It was our #1 pick. We are very excited that the match is over, but not so excited about moving AGAIN.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Christmas, at long last!

I should really check my blog more often. I wrote up this post and than never posted it. Opps. Sorry for the mega delay!

Christmas was a blast. It all started right after Thanksgiving as we went to pick out a Christmas tree. We went intending to cut down our own but even the puny ones were $50. No Thanks. We ended up buying a precut. Oh well. The ride was fun anyway.We decorated the tree.And because of this one, we redecorated the tree many many many times.We talked a lot about the real meaning of Christmas. Tab and Benton became obsessed with creating a "manger" out of one of my baskets and Benton pretended he was baby Jesus and Tab tended to him. And yes, Benton does have his entire body squished into that basket with the pillow. We had fun making a few different Christmas crafts. Tab made me these reindeer antlers and glued a bunch of glitter to them because everything is better with glitter, right? I opened them on Christmas morning and he insisted I wear them the rest of the day.Of course the kids saw Santa. Tab can never seem to remember what he wants when he gets to sit with Santa.Benton was sure to let him know that all he wanted was REX. We searched for months for this guy for a decent price and finally found him two days before Christmas. Phew...
Paisley even willingly sat on Santa. All she had to say was "ho ho ho" "ho ho ho" She knew just who he was.Tab again requested that we make Gingerbread houses. This time I didn't feel like spending as much time as last year making the Gingerbread and he wasn't pleased. It took some convincing to get him to believe you could still make a gingerbread house with graham crackers.Benny and Dad teamed up.Tab said his was an elves' workshop.Benny's was a barn for the reindeer.And of course, the best moments of all. Christmas morning.Trying to get them to look at the camera. All I could get was their faces, their eyes were glued on the good.I think this expression is "OH YEAH!"Here is Paisley opening up he doll's baby blanket I made that matches her baby blanket. She was thrilled.She had to put it to immediate use along with her new baby bottle.She was also a big fan of this fuzzy guy. She screams if anyone thinks of touching it.There was some baby love this Christmas, can you tell?Later in the day, she just couldn't bare to part with anything. She is laying on top of her baby blanket and then has her doll blanket on top of her baby.Tab was a big fan of his remote control car!Both of the boys got Nerf guns. Benton opened his first. His brother was SO jealous for about 15 minutes.To make an already great Christmas awesome we met up with our besties, the Guymons. And no Sarah, I don't think it is possible for us to get sick of spending time together. We went to JJ Ranch where they have an awesome indoor waterpark.Benton loved the tubes.
They had some awesome slides where they had a four person tube. We had 2 adults and 4 kids on it. It was awesome.
Paisley LOVED the little fountains.
Tab was a huge fan of the little kid area. Probably because he could drink the nasty water.
They had a sweet walkway thing.
The kids had a lot more fun than me walking across it. That thing hurt my feet.